Current allow list on specific EchoLink ports as of  8/10/2017

entries below are those most likely to be heard during a typical day)

Through K6MF-L
AB6JK  - -     John, Santa Ynez, CA
K1JAM - -      Joshua (Roy's son)

K4RJS - -       Ardele (Roy's wife)
K6DVD - -     Dave, Santa Ynez, CA   (K6DVD-R node 747748)
K6LUA - -      John, Santa Barbara, CA
K6MF - -        Roy (K6MF-L node 727313)
K9EQ - -        Chris, Ham Lake, MN
KB6C - -        Dennis, San Fernando Valley plus KB6C-R
KF6GRC - -   Kevin (Pete's son, Ukraine)
KG6FCV - -   Rachel (Roy's daughter)
KG6FCW - -  Ruth Ann (Roy's daughter)
KI6GTT --     Ken, Industry, CA

N6NIX - -      Mike, Chico, CA (formerly WA6MZN San Fernando Valley)
W6HCY - -    Joe  Santa Barbara
W7WO - -      Bob, Seattle, Washington

WA4KJH --    Keith, Knoxville, TN
WA6DFU - -  Pete, Nebraska (formerly San Luis Obispo)

WA6JQB - -   Dan, Moorpark, CA - former Saddle Peak repeater owner
WA6MSI - -   Denny, Santa Ynez, CA
WA6UCA - -  John, Oregon, IL (formerly Lompoc, CA)
WB6DAO -    Pete (WB6DAO-R node 235518)

Through WB6DAO-R
AA4CD     - Chris, San Diego
AB6JK     -  John, Santa Ynez
AI6NE       - Ryan, Santa Ynez
K6DVD    -  Dave, Santa Ynez
K6LUA    -  John, Santa Barbara
K6MF      -  Roy, San Jose
K7AU       -  Bob, Lacey, Washington formerly WB6EQO, K7RLK, W7WO
K9EQ       -  Chris, Ham Lake, MN
KC3CZA  -  Garth  (N6NIX's son) presently stationed in Italy
KD6EMF  -  Mark, Palmdale
KE6DTF - - Mike, Thousand Oaks
KF6GRC - - Kevin, Ukraine
KG6EYK -- Megan (N6NIX's daughter) in Colorado
KJ6RBT - - Cal, Sheriff's volunteer
KJ6RBU - - Matt, Sheriff's Deputy
KK4SEY -   Robert, mobile around LA
KK6HPD -  Scott in San Jose
LA6WRA- - Daniel, Norway
M3PAJ    -   Pete Jones, England, had visited here many years ago (node 26491)
MI3RBM  -  Bobby, near Belfast, Northern Ireland
N6NIX - -   Mike, Chico, CA (formerly WA6MZN of San Fernando Valley)
N7TD     -   Tom, Oak Run, CA another Cal-Poly graduate!
W0MDT -   MN, Medtronic administered by Chris, K9EQ  (W0MDT-R node 428728)

W6SCR --   Chico Sheriff's - controlled by Mike, N6NIX (W6SCR-R node 246848)
W7WO   - - Bob, Washington
WA4QXC  -Andrew, TN (Lee Wilkinson's call taken over by grandson, Andrew)
WA6IBE --  Frank, Coarsegold, CA
WA6JFM -  Bryan presently in Vientaine, Laos
WA6QBT - Pat, Santa Barbara
WA7DIA -   Jack, formerly of Reno
WB6BJM -  Joe, Hollywood, CA
WB6DAO    Of course
WB6LOT -   Steve
WV6R      -  Ron, Lompoc

WB9KMO   Rod

Link Log of those drop-ins or invited on our system.  Latest one first...

 DATE NAME CALL COMMENTS                                                                                                                                     
05-10-17 Joshua KM6GUA in Santa Ynez
10-11-16 Ryan AI6NE Mobile 101 on coast, lives in Santa Ynez
07-08-16 Pete M3PAJ from England via EchoLink
07-08-16 John AB6JK John via phone from Spain
02-05-16 Jaime KM6DU Santa Clarita, thru KB6C Oat Mtn. (linked to K6MF)
01-21-16 Bobby MI3RBM Near Belfast, Northern Ireland, through W0MDT
09-01-15 Chris AA4CD Chris trying out his smartphone, first EchoLink contact.
07-12-15 Bryan WA6JFM from Thimphu, Buhtan on his way walking from apartment to hospital
06-16-15 Jim KI6DBD Through K6DVD, friend of AB6JK's
06-13-15 Mike N6NIX Chico through W6SCR-R
04-01-15 Bruno W6USC drop in mobile around Pasadena, field service for Xerox
03-30-14 Jim KI6DBD From Santa Ynez invited on by John K.
03-12-15 Jim WA6VPL From Lompoc via K6DVD
03-02-15 Ann K0ANN in MN, quite noisy
01-02-15 Matt KE0CAA mobile in MN
08-13-14 Curtis WA6RLP in Irvine on HT, from Lake Havasu City, had our freq. & PL from Utah repeater
06-20-14 Chuck K0ORK Bicycle mobile, MN
12-03-13 Robert KK4SEY Mobile Ontario, had talked to him in July on HT, network install/repair
09-30-13 Lance KK6ERP Through DAO from Chino Hills, short QSO with Dave
05-16-13 Tim KJ6OIL Lompoc, driving around Vandenburg, works for Lompoc School District
03-11-13 Mike KE6DTF Thousand Oaks, via EchoLink on his phone
02-20-13 Stryker KF7WNC through Bob, W7WO's repeater in Washington
02-20-13 George N4GYT Henderson, KY (Bob traded his Icom repeater from him)
02-17-13 Bob W7WO gets his UHF EchoLink repeater going in Washington see here
07-08-12 Mike KJ6WYP From Paso Robles, works at Soledad for Cal-Fire Corrections
06-18-12 Matthew N2PSR Blaine, MN (significant other KB1UOG, Annette)
09-21-11 Jim AK6JG from Santa Ynez area invited on by John, KO6JW (never showed up)
02-18-11 Chris K9EQ installed the computer at the repeater site in MN for node 4779, 444.075, PL 114.8
02-13-11 Denny WA6MSI back on after too long an absence
09-21-10 Duane KJ6JLC at private El Capitan campground from Bakersfield
05-19-10 Scott   from Colorado HT mobile visiting the coast for the first time
05-13-10 Dan K7QQQ fron Las Vegas, in El Monte
05-01-10 Art VE2AHH East of Montreal, in a fifth wheel full time, via node 2006, St. Jerome
01-08-10 Jerry W5JRL from Ft. Worth, TX, in San Bernardino for a while
11-20-09 Tom KI7YRX from FL, at San Pedro on an HT headed on a cruise through the canal, tried node 7830 for him
09-21-09 Greg WD6CFJ HT in Buellton, site
01-16-09 Chris KD7YQO Cedar City, UT, via Echolink
11-29-08 Chad KG6JLZ Canby, CA via KD6ITD
11-22-08 Al K6RZS Pompano Beach, FL via IRLP 4887, retired Telephone from San Jose
08-23-08  ?  KI6MJE never gave his name (Richard?), mobile at Pt. Mugu (active duty there)
03-05-08 Alan KE6KSJ Celina Ohio, originally from San Jose, Fresno
09-29-07 Richard KI4OFH mobile Pigeon Forge, TN via node 5700
08-25-07 Bob K9LTN via node 4350 Dixon, IL
08-25-07 Barn WA9UEW via node 4350, Dixon, IL
06-04-07 Ken KI6IPW mobile in the LA area (Engineer at SCE) Lives in Hacienda Heights
06-03-07 Edwin M0XEK Cornwall, England via Echolink GB3NC-R
6-01-07 John 9M6JC Sabah, Malaysian Borneo (see his pictures on
05-17-07 Brion N0AE Dixon, IL via node 4350 (operates node)
04-23-07 Danny KI6AJF camped at El Capitan state park, from Pioneer, CA (near Jackson)
03-19-07 Paul G4UVB through his new node G6EXC-L
03-16-07 Dale KB5JN Nachez, MS via N5KDV-L
03-03-07 Art N9NQD Rockford, IL via node 4350
03-03-07 Bill KC9CEF New Rochelle, IL via node 4350
02-20-07 Paul G4UVB Lancashire, England, via EchoLink (very low audio  - Window’s Vista pro
02-20-07 Tyler KE7KOV Monroe, UT, via IRLP node 3771
02-11-07 Frank KG6ALH-L Twin Falls, Idaho (little hard to understand, he was from Merced, CA
01-06-07 Duke ZL2BMG in Long Beach, visiting from New Zealand, formerly of Lancaster
12-18-06 Brian KC2GNV living in the Newport Beach, CA area
12-15-06 Scotty KI6GTD works with Ken below at LASD YAL
12-15-06 Ken KI6GTT LASD Industry Station Volunteer coordinator (D700 Kenwood mobile)
12-09-06 Monty KD6CAE was on the hill he and WA6MOD cleaned the air filter on the back of the GAE rack
12-01-06 John WA6UCA Oregon, IL (formerly of Lompoc, CA and the WB6DAO repeater) via node 4350, Dixon, IL
11-25-06 Jim G3ZQQ via MB7IBC, located 20 miles s/w Birmingham, England
11-21-06 Pete M3PAJ Sheffield, England (was over here visiting a few years ago and met Pete & wife Julie)